Aspen James

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Full-stack developer specializing in Ruby, React, and Redux. I enjoy lightweight applications, databases, and finding new ways to organize and optimize tasks. My background is in coffee, customer service, and training, which has helped me cultivate a strong attention to detail and effective interpersonal skills. My natural curiosity and interest in continuous learning have driven me in the pursuit of ongoing advancement of my programming education. In my free time, I enjoy learning new programming languages, finding (or building) terminal-based alternatives for graphical applications, hiking, and tinkering with various computer hardware and operating systems.


Portfolio Site

GitHub | Deployed website

Personal portfolio website

  • Built with Ruby on Rails
  • Deployed to Linode via Apache2
  • Uses Kramdown to parse from Markdown to HTML
  • Uses CodeMirror to display code samples



A terminal-based kanban board

  • Development on pause
  • Built using Ruby
  • Text display using Curses
  • SQLite3 for data storage
  • Blog series written on development process


GitHub | Demo

Web app for coffee shops to organize and track their espresso data

  • Utilizes React/Redux front-end framework
  • Client-side routing handled by React Router
  • PostgreSQL database with a Rails API backend
  • Integrates Canvas.js for data visualization

Data Structure Implementations


Implementations of various data structures

  • Examples currently in JavaScript and Ruby
  • JavaScript tests using Mocha.js and Expect.js
  • Ruby tests using RSpec
  • Follows TDD (Test Driven Development) principles


Proficient: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, Linux, SQL

Self-directed learning: Go, Python, Rust


Seattle, WA

Software Engineer I, Sept 2019 - Feb 2020

  • Full stack developer on New Business Lines
  • Participated in Agile workflow, including estimation, retro, writing tickets
  • Provided feedback on design and implementation plans for new features
  • Identified and filled gaps in internal documentation

Flatiron School

Seattle, WA

Software Engineering Coach, Nov 2018 - Sept 2019

  • Front line of support for students
  • Delivered lectures and led reviews on key concepts
  • Assisted students in developing best practices for programming and debugging skills


Seattle, WA | Consultant and Trainer, Nov 2017 - Nov 2018

Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Seattle, WA | Lead Trainer & Wholesale Support, Oct 2016 - Nov 2017

Honor Coffee Co

Seattle, WA | Educator & Preventative Maintenance Technician, Feb 2016 - Sept 2016

University Book Store

Seattle, WA | Operations, Cafe Manager, Sept 2014 - Jan 2016